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Published on May 30, 2013

Market operator NYSE Euronext manages the Euronext Paris regulated markets in France. In accordance with Article L. 421-10 of the Monetary and Financial Code, NYSE Euronext adopts rules for each of these markets which ensure fair and orderly trading and efficient order execution. The requirements for market access and admission of financial instruments to trading are also covered by these rules, which are approved by the AMF and published on the market operator’s website.

Euronext Paris SA, NYSE Euronext’s French subsidiary, manages three regulated markets: an equity market (Euronext Paris) and two derivatives markets, Monep and MATIF, known together as Euronext Liffe.

Equity market

The professional compartment
Created in 2007 for the Euronext regulated market, the professional compartment is for admissions by French or foreign companies without a prior public offering of securities. The AMF has established a specific regulatory framework for it (Article 516-18 of the AMF General Regulation).
A prospectus must be prepared, since the securities are going to be admitted to a regulated market, but simplified draft prospectus and language requirements apply.

Euronext Paris is a regulated market for the trading of shares, bonds, warrants and exchange-traded funds. It is divided into four compartments, which are organised according to market capitalisation and subject to different admission and trading rules:

  • Compartment A for companies with capitalisation over €1 billion;
  • Compartment B for companies valued between €150 million and €1 billion;
  • Compartment C for companies valued below €150 million;
  • A professional compartment.

Derivatives markets

  • MATIF is the market for derivative products backed by monetary assets such as currencies, Treasury notes and bonds, as well as forward contracts on commodities such as rapeseed, wheat and maize;
  • Monep is the market for options on financial securities, indices such as the CAC40, and baskets of securities.

NYSE Euronext also operates regulated markets and multilateral trading facilities in Belgium, the Netherlands, Portugal, the UK and the USA.

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