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About the AMF's Scientific Advisory Board

Published on May 23, 2016

The AMF set up a Scientific Advisory Board composed of prominent figures from the academic and financial worlds to expand its research and strategic intelligence capabilities. The board presents its work at an annual conference attended by members of the academic and market communities.

The Scientific Advisory Board has a three-fold remit

The members of the Scientific Advisory Board hold positions in leading universities, business schools and public and private research centres. The board includes foreign researchers of international reputation, which gives it a global perspective. It has a triple remit:

  1. provide the AMF with information on ongoing academic research in the financial field
  2. identify developments that may have an impact on the AMF’s areas of activity
  3. undertake research projects related to issues of concern to the regulator.

A Board made up of prominent figures

The members of the AMF Scientific Advisory Board, who are appointed by the AMF Board, are:

Luc Arrondel, National Center for Scientific Research and Paris School of Economics
Patrick Artus, Natixis
Bruno Biais, Toulouse School of Economics
Marie-Hélène Broihanne, Strasbourg University
Gunther Capelle-Blancard, Paris Panthéon Sorbonne University
Eric Chaney, AXA
Serge Darolles, Paris Dauphine University 
Thierry Foucault , HEC
Olivier Garnier, Société Générale
Carole Gresse, Paris Dauphine University
Philippe Ithurbide, Amundi
Charles-Albert Lehalle, Capital Fund Management
Albert Menkveld, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
Patrice Poncet, ESSEC
Nicolas Véron, Peterson Institute for International Economics and Bruegel

Annual conference on a topical issue

To help disseminate the Scientific Advisory Board's research, the AMF organises an annual conference that brings together the financial and academic communities to examine a specific topic. Past conferences have covered:

  • Financial Market Infrastructure Resilience (2014)
  • The consequence of the financial crisis on Household savings and distribution of Financial Products (2012)
  • The financialisation of commodity markets: what are the challenges for regulators? (2011)
  • How should regulators address changes in equity markets? (2010)
  • Long-term iInvestment: What are the challenges for companies, markets and regulators? (2009)
  • Structured finance products: what are the challenges for markets and regulators? (2008)

A New Financial Markets Review

Launched in September 2014, the AMF Scientific Advisory Board Review is intended for the publication of original research, bringing together experts from different backgrounds and making a significant contribution to market regulation, investor protection and financial stability. The journal highlights AMF's desire to publish academic research and discussion on current issues relating to the regulator and the financial industry in France and beyond by encouraging debate to strengthen the quality of regulations.

AMF Young Researcher Award

Beginning in 2015, the AMF will grant an award to a young researcher working on economic and financial topics of concern to the regulator. Topics include the organisation and operation of financial markets, investor information, and protecting savings invested in financial products. The recipient, who will be awarded €3,000, will be selected by the AMF Board with input from the Scientific Advisory Board after candidates have been selected by the Scientific Advisory Board and AMF's departments.

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